Explore various types of original content prepared by our contributors to gain more insight about blood viscosity 

Perspectives are original articles from contributing writers concerning the role of hemodynamics in cardiovascular health. These articles contain short reviews of a variety of health topics viewed through the lens of hemodynamics and hemorheology. These viewpoints are supported by a collection of peer-reviewed literature which, historically, has been largely unnoticed. 

Commentary articles are original-content developed by the editorial staff at Blood Flow Online. Written in a conversational tone, these articles provide expert insights and opinions on a variety of current health topics. Unlike perspectives, commentary articles provide historical insights and emphasis on clinical experience. These articles provide expert insights on the importance of blood flow to circulation and perfusion, as well as, in the prevention of cardiovascular and inflammatory illness. 

Medical Briefs are concise summaries of peer-reviewed medical literature pertaining to hemodynamics and hemorheology. Our medical and scientific experts interpret and summarize key findings of these articles, minimizing the need to interpret scientific jargon. 

Editorials are health articles expressing thoughts, opinions, and insights from our editorial staff.

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