Welcome to Blood Flow Online

Welcome to Blood Flow Online

We are excited to introduce our new and improved website! It has been redesigned to help you get faster, easier access to all the great resources Blood Flow Online has to offer. Viewers will enjoy a better online experience with the new features and functions, including:

  • Better browse and search functions
  • Refined filters to view content by clinical specialty, topic, and related tags
  • Easy and organized navigation
  • Clean, simple design with easy-to-read fonts
  • Responsive design so the layout automatically adjusts for smaller screens on tablets and mobile devices
  • The new “Search Drugs & Conditions” section is a searchable library compiled with publications on drugs, conditions and factors related to blood viscosity.

We consider this launch to be another step in our continued effort to deliver authoritative, evidence-based, scientific information related to blood viscosity.


Explore Perspectives

Orginal articles from contributing writers concerning the role of hemodynamics in cardiovascular health.

What is Blood Viscosity

Blood Viscosity Defined

Find out what blood viscosity is and how it’s related to your health.


Protective Adaption

Watch this educational video on the protective adaptation theory of the cause of atherosclerosis.

Search Drugs

Drugs Affecting Blood Viscosity

Read published paper on medications and how they relate to blood viscosity.


What We Read This Week

Check here frequently to keep up-to-date on new research related to blood flow and other topics.


Read Common Questions & Answers

The Blood Flow Online staff writers respond to frequestly asked questions about blood viscosity.